Saturday, May 27, 2006

Our Way of Life Had A GREAT Price.

I would be amiss to not take time here to remind everyone of those who lost thier lives protecting us from our enemies. I'm sure each and everyone of them had "other" plans for their lives. I'm sure we lost many, many who under other circumstances would have led productive, happy long lives. Instead, they gave up thier lives so that WE could go on and do so. They placed themselves in danger, hoping to go home one day, but knowing there was a HUGE chance they would not.........and did not. It's so easy for those of us with comfortable busy everyday lives to forget that. It's not something I remember every day, I confess that. I have generations of military service in my family line but I have been blessed that they came home alive. I have had a family member in EVERY war our country has ever had..........and as far as I know, they all came home alive. Wounded and scarred, but alive. But I bet those family members who have lost someone to war feel differently. I bet they don't find it so easy to forget. They made a sacrifice. I have to share a mental memory I have which TRULY makes Memorial Day a Special Day not to be taken for granted. I'm sure you all have seen the movie, Saving Private Ryan. Do you remember how it started, the elder gentleman walking alone in front of his family at the graveyard to the graves of his fellow soldiers? Oh my gosh, here comes my tears. I went to the theater with my daughter to see that movie and when I sat and watched that part, I lost it and here is why. From behind, that gentleman looked just like my Dad and I remembered when we had gone to the museum in Wright Patterson and he was looking for the memorial to his battalon or whatever, I'm crying now and can't think. He walked wayyyyyyyyy ahead of us and looking anxiously for the slab that honored his "team". He found it and stood there over it and you could see the memories and the pride all over his face. You couldn't help but stand back instinctively and allow him his "time" with his "buddies". The ones who lived and came home but it was the ones who didn't that he was especially remembering. He would never speak much about them or the awful things he saw during both WW2 and the Korean War but there were some rare moments when he would share enough for me to know he lost his best friend.......and it was horrific for him. He lost many comrades. You REALLY want to see Memorial Day honored as it truly should be.............look into the faces of the veterans who lived to come home..........with them they brought the memories of those who didn't.........the honor they all deserve.........TAKE TIME EVERYDAY TO LOOK INTO THOSE FACES AND SAY THANK YOU...........we can't really tell those who sacrificed thank you but you know what? I think if you really want to honor those who died...........REALLY want to honor them.........HONOR THEIR FAMILIES AND BUDDIES.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Power of Chocolate

Please indulge me for a second because in order for this to make sense you must understand from the beginning that I have a few health problems which is what makes all this soooooo stupid on my part. I am a now diet controlled diabetic and have been soooooo good for 3 years and have not needed medication. My goal is to never be back on it again (despite a strong family history). I have a history of, and presently scheduled for a stone crushing session, kidney stones. Chocolate and tea very, very bad for both of these conditions. To top it off, I had a gastric by pass a few years ago, lost about 125 lbs, been good.......but a healthy diet is very, very important for me. Chocolate, milk products etc can and usually do cause me problems. I KNOW all this. And what's more, I have never really been a "sweets" person. People can eat all that junk in front of me and never phase me. HONEST. So now someone explain to me what happened last night???????? For my daughters birthday, I promised to bake (I love to bake and cook) her a from scratch cake and she wanted chocolate. So I made her one of those old fashioned layered cakes, the kind that you put the frosting on while it hot so the cake just soaks it up. I don't get a lot of opportunity to cook and had not made one of those in a while and felt I did not do a good job so I went to the store and bought another one, chocolate on chocolate........beautiful cake. Sooooooooo here sits two cakes. Turns out my cake turned out good after all. So last night for someeeeeeeeeeeeeee reason, those cakes began beckoning me. I had been walking past them for two days without so much as one ounce of temptation and yet, last night, suddenly they took on the appearance of heaven.........delight........pleasure........ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyy goodnesssssssss look how yummy. Chocolate......thick, rich, delicious. I thought, ignore it. That didn't help, have you ever TRIED to ignore something........all you do is think about it more. So I begin the reasoning stage. Hey, I haven't had chocolate in what.......3 years? How do I know it will make me sick? I've been so good, I deserve a treat. You know, all that stuff. Here I go, oh my goodness, look at that, delicious fudgey frosting with moist cake........mmmmmmm. Each bite soooooooo good. I have to say, I enjoyed that piece of cake like there was no tomorrow. Too bad there was because within one hour I was begging to die. Sick as a dog. The whole time berating myself for my stupidity. Took hours to overcome the damage of what......maybe 5 minutes of pleasure? What is it about chocolate? How can something that looks and tastes and appears sooooo good be so bad? How could I be so stupid and fall prey to it's lure? Once again, lack of common sense. I know this may not seem to have anything to do with the subject but for some reason something my Daddy told me when I was very young popped in my head. "People get fooled by the ole devil a lot because they think the devil is some ugly looking thing when in fact, in appearance he is very beautiful, at one time the most beautiful angel in Heaven. It's not the outside of the devil that is ugly, it's what is inside of him. And he uses his alluring appearance and abilities to lie and fool to snare us. That is what makes him so dangerous." If you asked me right now, I could honestly say that there is NO way chocolate will lure me again........NO WAY!!! Why? Because the memory is still very clear in my mind, my stomach is still not completely settled BUT what happens when the memory fades again? I'm on guard now but what happens in time when I let my guard down because I become confident in my own ability to restrain myself?

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Americans Speak Up!!! (In American please)

I recently heard on the news that our government was debating once again (shock huh?) whether to make English our native tongue (or rather our official language) . Now people, am I the only one that sees this as a "duh". I can not even begin to tell you how this one just makes me shake my head in amazement BUT I think I have a true solution, if that is what our government is TRULY looking for. Okay good people, hear me out and think about it. The "English" language when you are referring to England or other "English" speaking countries, is different in many ways from our "American" language. Yes, it's based on the "English" language but I have spoken to people from England and Austria, who speak "English" and hon, there was a definite communication problem. So why don't we just be honest and proclaim our official language what it is...........AMERICAN!!!!!! You know, what we are using everyday........what you are reading here right now......what the still majority of our country speaks every I need to continue? Sorry folks, but you know they can pass all the laws they want and cost us billions of dollars by changing the truth on paper and forcing businesses, schools and on and on and on (think about the cost peopleeeeeeeeee) by changing our "official language" or WORSE refusing to proclaim an "official language" so that our Spanish speaking Americans, illegal Spanish speaking aliens and our always ready to turn on America liberals can continue to badger our government and you know what.......maybe one day succeed in having their way. I do believe one of the weapons they keep bringing up is the increase in numbers of Spanish speaking people in America. Once again I say thinkkkkkkkkkkk peopleeeeeeeeeeee. Let's proclaim what we are, AMERICANS AND WE SPEAK AMERICAN period. What's so hard about that? We are a very hospitable country and I have no problem with having bi-lingual signs and/or interpreters as a courtesy WHEN it is a situation that is affordable. BUT to try and FORCE business and an already burdened government with MORE expenses, that is just NOT correct or right or fair and may I add, doesn't make any sense. I truly believe we MUST put an end to this issue and we MUST do it soon......proclaim our "official language" American.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Okay, Call Me Simple Butttttttttt

I am having the hardest time figuring all this mess going on with immigration. I understand that I am just a simple, hard working, regular American who happened to be blessed to be born in this great country BUT someone needs to explain to me why on earth are we even having this HUGE debate over immigration????? Since when is the law the law for some but not others???? Okay, does not the term itself, say it all????????? ILLEGAL aliens????? Hmmmmmmm looking up word so I make sure the meaning has not changed......not in my dictionary. ILLEGAL means not lawful. Okay, so people have screwed up and didn't do thier jobs and allowed so many illegal aliens into our country and have "lost" them, so let's just now make them legal......ohhhhhh good moveeeeeeee. Let's see, didn't they do that back when Reagan was in office.........and hmmmmmmm ohhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh that worked GREAT because now we have what is it??????? Three times as many????? Yeah, good solution. Ummmmmm another thing, why are the citizens of Mexico so much more special that citizens from any other country? Ohhhhhhhhhh because they are not threat??????? Right, that's why they had that big march holding up the Mexican flag and saying we stole the land from them. Uh huh. Like,what did their ancestors do in Mexico?????? I don't see many of them speaking Aztec or any of the other native languages. Please don't misunderstand. I love people and I REALLY could care less what tone of skin any of us have or where our ancestors came from. I can honestly say that with a sincere heart and everyone that knows me knows it to be true. My beef is that illegal is illegal and it is not fair for it to be illegal for one and not another. I think it is a slap in the face of all those who followed the law. I think it undermines any and all our laws in the face of other countries because they will know we will bend under pressure. And working in the medical field, what really concerns me is when I see legal Americans going without proper health care because they can not afford it while illegal aliens get it for free and YESSSSSSSS it is happening. We need to clean up our act, enforce our laws and yes, because we have messed up, it will be a HUGE effort but it will only get worse if we don't do something now and begin to enforce our laws. Until we have no more deficit and no more legal Americans doing without, we simply can not afford to allow any more illegal aliens in until we get our acts together. Yes, yes, yes I know.......ohhhhhhhhh but you don't understand.........I AGREE, I DON'T......... bottom line, if you can't afford it, you can't do it. I believe that is called good "ole" common sense.