Friday, June 30, 2006

Going Too Far

I am watching Fox News at this moment and listening about a fireman who was demoted because he could not speak Spanish. This is in Oregon, United States. The guy had one Spanish speaking worker in his team and because HE, didn't speak Spanish He was demoted. Now people, this is getting crazy. This is getting wayyyyyyyy out of hand. The man who could not speak English, should never have been hired until he learned and understood English well enough to do the job without risk but nooooooooo, it was his supervisor who was demoted because he didn't speak Spanish to accomodate the other guy. Now before you pooh pooh this off, let me tell you again, it is Federal Law that all medical facilities, even those small private practices, at their expense MUST have an interpreter available for ALL foreign languages and every bit of information has to be available in ALL foreign languages especially Spanish. If you don't think this gets my blood boiling, think again. Not only do we allow them to come in illegally but now WE, born and raised in America, must now learn their language to accomodate them. If you don't think that doesn't add to healthcare cost, think again. Not only are they receiving free healthcare, now the healthcare system must put out money to make sure they have someone either on staff or readily available to interpret. And then I hear on tv the same law is spreading to other areas. This whole thing stinks.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself!

A friend sent this to me and it seems to fit so well to this site, I just had to share it here: (Don't think I could have written it better myself!)

A lady wrote the best letter I have seen in the Editorials in ages!!
It explains things better than all the stuff you hear on TV.

"Recently large demonstrations have taken place across the country
protesting the fact that Congress is finally addressing the issue of
immigration. Certain people are angry that the government might protect it's own
borders, might make it harder to sneak into this country and, once here, to
stay indefinitely. Let me see if I correctly understand the thinking
these protests.

Let's say I break into your house. Let's say that when you discover me in
your house, you insist that I leave. But I say, "I've made all the beds and
washed the dishes and did the laundry and swept the floors; I've done all
the things you don't like to do. I'm hard working and honest (except for
when I broke into your house)."

According to the protesters, not only must you let me stay, you must add me
to your famil y's insurance plan and provide other benefits to me and to
family (my husband will do your yard work because he too is hardworking
and honest, except for that breaking in part.

If you try to call the police or force me out, I will call my friends who
will picket your house carrying signs that proclaim my right to be there.
It's only fair, after all, because you have a nicer house than I do, and
just trying to better myself. I'm hard working and honest, um, except for
breaking into your part.

And what a deal it is for me!! I live in your house, contributing only a
fraction of the cost of my keep, and there is nothing you can do about it
without being accused of selfishness, prejudice and being ........

Did I miss anything? Does this sound reasonable to you? If it does, grab a
sign and go picket too.......

If this sounds insane to you, call your senators and enlighten them because
are stumbling in the darkness right now and really need your help"



Sunday, June 11, 2006

Religion vs The Church

According to the dictionary the following applies:

Religion: the service and worship of God or the supernatural 2 devotion to a religious faith 3 a personal set or institutionalized system of religious beliefs, attitudes and practices 4 a cause, principle, or belief held to with faith and ardor

Church: 1 a building esp for Christian public worship 2 the whole body of Christians 3 Denomination 4 congregation 5 a public divine worship

here's another interesting one: Christianity: the religion derived from Jesus Christ, based on the Bible as sacred scripture and professed by Christians. (There goes the argument that you can be a Christian without Christ)

Ohhhhhhh this is going to be a longy, I can tell......LOL.

First, let me explain where I don't have misgivings or confusion. I do believe we all NEED a "church family" (that is what I prefer to call it). I believe we should be committed to this church family. I believe in tithing and to me it's makes sense. In order to have an effective church family, you have to pay the bills. If everyone does not put in their share of the costs (which God made it easy, 10% off the top for everyone) then bills will not be paid and the poor can not be helped and the staff to run things won't get their pay. So tithing to me is a very common sense issue. Belonging to a church family is a very common sense issue too because we NEED that support for very, very various reasons. God warns us in many places about the sheep that wanders from the flock and what can happen. The prodigal Son is another story. And the thing is, the church family just like the one in Acts which started it all, should be that, a family. A family made up of families.......all of one mind and heart. Coming together to be refreshed so that in these times we can go out to the missions fields which is right outside our door.

Now comes the battle I am fighting this morning. It's church time and here I am. I have been sick and my excuse was I want to give myself another day to recover. Truth. But what bothers me, why am I not disappointed? I love my pastor, I love my church family........well, those I know now. See, we went from 50 people to over 300 in like a year or so. Big new sanctuary. Fancy service. Love the music. I'm proud that it is sooooooo geared towards the teen agers. I mean a good fourth of our congregation is young......well, if you count the children.......more than half is 18 and below. Wonderful. Important. So why am I like not getting it? Why do I feel like it's become more of a "business" or something along that line? We must have an hour and half of must then listen to the pastor for at least an hour. Oh gosh, I just don't know.......perhaps the ole Devil is trying to lure me away. I just long for a smaller church family where there is a closeness. I wish there wasn't such rituals. If you aren't there, you are back sliding......which could be. If you don't go everytime the door opens and be a part of every function.....well, you just aren't as good a "Christian"........that one doesn't get me, my Pastor knows exactly where I am with all that. I understand what they are doing, I'm a business woman......I understand. But THAT's what is bothering me. What if instead of a big old church meeting, a group of us met at a home and had a meal and worship and lesson........would that be church? Is that not what they did in Acts? What is the point of having day and night services? What if you can't make it on Wednesday night? I miss that "closeness" I use to have with brothers and sisters of the Lord. I go in now to my church family and I'm treated like the newbie, which is always sweet and shame on me. This has been bothering me for some time now. Not sure where it is going but I know one thing, I am and will be on my knees asking God for help and direction. When you change churches you are considered a "church hopper" and I don't think I fall under that title. I have changed but it would be years between and always felt led. Don't count my youth because I was seeking Jesus then but I thank God for every lesson and every Christian He set in my path. This is a different Season in my life and I want to find His Guidance and forgiveness if I have caused anyone to stumble. Should I decide to seek another church family, I won't want to fall back into same thing. And it will have to be a Christian (Jesus is Lord and Savior, Bible is God's Word, the Holy Spirit is our Helper.....The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit......One God, three persons) If this is an attack of the Enemy, then I ask my brothers and sisters to pray for me.......and I call upon my Father, my Lord and my Comforter to protect me from evil and help me see Truth. Oh I told y'all it would be a sorry.....but then, no one is reading but me.....LOL

Saturday, June 10, 2006

I Had A Dream....

No I mean I literally had a dream last night. It wasn't a good dream but it wasn't a nightmare either. It was however very thought provoking. To make it short, I dreamed our country was overtaken by the "bad guys" and they killed my family and captured me. I was trying to get away but there was no where to "escape" to. It just reminded me how very blessed we are in this country. I can not imagine, not even imagine, what it must be like for countries that live in the middle of war. That can not even feel safe in their own homes. Where the law is whatever the current government says it is and it's people are at the mercy of some power hungry "police force" or "military leaders and men". We may not have a "perfect" government or country but we are more blessed than most places. I feel safe MOST of the time. It just really stunned me at the fear I felt in my dream and when I awakened to realize, there are people actually living like that. I was reminded of a lady from Poland who came to my high school, this is wayyyyyyyyy back when we were forced to take a course on Communism because it was believed everyone should be educated, and she told of how she went to bed one night with everything just fine and literally woke up the next morning to discover her government had been taken over. And her whole life changed just that quickly. She was warning us to not take freedom for granted and that it is indeed worth fighting for. All these years and I have not forgotten her story. And I'm old too. LOL We can have our differences but one difference we can not afford.......Freedom and the cost. No one WANTS to die for it......but we must be willing to in order to keep it. That is easy for me to say because I'm old and past the point of making the sacrifice. BUT as I have said before, my family has fought for freedom allllllllllllll the way back to the beginning. We have had family members who went proudly to every war. No heroes per sae, except in my mind they all are. I have a young grandson that I adore and do not want to even think that he may one day have to go off and fight a war......hurts too much......but I know, if it has to be, it has to be......because freedom has it's price and it's worth it.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Debate or not Debate

I have been reading (at another blogger site) a very interesting "debate" concerning, what else......religion. Religion and politics make the best subjects for "debates". I read all the postings with great interest. Not really wanting to say too much because I am not as articulate with the written word, shoot with any words for that matter, as the others who were posting. So I run back to my blog site where nobody is really reading and I can "ponder" the points. First of all, I have already made it clear, I hope, that I am a born again, spirit filled Christian. I heard people who I am not sure if they are Christians or what, but that they do read the any rate, there were those who were upset because others stated in no uncertain terms that you get to Heaven through Jesus Christ period. So it was back and forth. As I read, I wondered exactly what was being accomplished? I believe in evangelizing but I think there are different ways to do this and certain ways fit certain times. I think when I am asked about how to get to Heaven and then the person wants to debate or call me "it's my way or no way" kind of first response is look, God did not consult me on this. Although I have to say, it makes perfect sense to me. It is in God's Word, that no one will make it to Heaven except through Jesus Christ. Okay, thinking in much simpler terms, you are not going to invite someone into your home that refuses to obey your rules, or refuses to respect you and your just won't,so why would God be any different???? He supplied the Way (Jesus Christ) and gave the directions (His Word) but some say it's not right that He would exclude those who refuse to accept His gift and obey His rules??????? That it should be enough that they are "good" people? To debate the validity of God's Word is a waste of time in as if someone does not choose to believe, all the arguing in the world will not change that person. It's not arguing that bring people to Jesus. It's His Love that bring people to Him. How do you make someone understand that the Bible is so unlike any book ever written. I have read it from cover to cover so many times and by no means call myself an "expert" or "all knowing" about the Bible and it soooooooo amazes me that every time I pick that Book up and read, I get something new out of it. Has it changed? Nope, not one word ever changes. But it can speak to one's heart every time if you allow the Holy Spirit to do so. But how do you explain that to someone who has never experienced it???? You can't. It is something they have to seek and then find. How do you make someone who has never experienced the Love of Christ understand the experience? You can't,not until they seek and find. It's offered to all but not all will accept. It's not until they SEE Christ in us that they will desire to SEEK Him. We, as Christians, are held to a much higher standard than the rest of the world, that is true, we know that.......that is why we must be careful about our behavior. We must be aware that we are always being watched. And when we goof and mess up, we MUST be as public with our remorse as we are with the goof. Humble ourselves for the sake of others as well as ourselves. We are not like the world, that's why the world hates us. But "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son" Go read the rest John 3:16-21. Don't stop at the one verse, read it all.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mothers Who Kill

Someone please explain to me where the sense is in giving a child murderer a life sentence???? Okay, I knowwwwwww........bleeding hearts will say capital punishment is wrong. Let me explain up front, my belief is if a person is a KNOWN danger to society, there should be no question, our government, our law enforcement, our judicial system owes it to us, "the people" to PROTECT us, not the bad guys......usssssssss. The law abiding citizens who work hard daily to keep our country going. Please, I know I'm not going into deep detail here but those with common sense know what I'm saying. If there is no doubt of guilt, and there is no doubt that the guilty will continue to be a danger to society, then THAT is when not only is capital punishment appropriate, it is obligatory. Take Charles Manson for a very good example. That man has continually stated that if he ever got out he would kill again. Laughs in our face about it and the thing is, in prison he still has contact with the outside where he is allowed to poison the minds of others. Is that protecting society???? Now let's talk about these mothers who kill their children. ANY person who would kill their own children, has the ability to continue killing. Most likely children because they are not going to pick on someone who can protect themselves. Don't even start in on me about PMS or postpartum depression because I am a mother who has had both and although even to this day, I have my "moments" when I could kill in my mind, I would NOT be able to actually do the act. Somewhere before I did so, I would stop, perhaps the cries of fear of my child would awaken the mother in me. But to do what some of these mothers have done, honeyyyyyyyy, I just don't care what anyone says........they are dangerous and they should not be put in any position to EVER harm another child. The only sure way of that is capital punishment. I'm not talking about vengeance, I'm talking about protection. I'm not even talking about just punishment, I'm talking protection. Look, Susan Yates is getting another trial. Yes, she's sick mentally but you know what, being sick mentally should not be an excuse for murder. Okay, so maybe she will be okay as long as she takes her medication........sooooooo how is that guaranteed???? How is it guaranteed that she doesn't have any more children???? We've seen that in the past by that Dianne woman who shot her three children and then got pregnant again. I'm sure I could be stirring up a hornet's nest except there is only one or two of you reading these things....LOL. I do wish our judicial system would go back to some "common sense" and protect our society, especially those who can not protect themselves.