Friday, June 09, 2006

Debate or not Debate

I have been reading (at another blogger site) a very interesting "debate" concerning, what else......religion. Religion and politics make the best subjects for "debates". I read all the postings with great interest. Not really wanting to say too much because I am not as articulate with the written word, shoot with any words for that matter, as the others who were posting. So I run back to my blog site where nobody is really reading and I can "ponder" the points. First of all, I have already made it clear, I hope, that I am a born again, spirit filled Christian. I heard people who I am not sure if they are Christians or what, but that they do read the any rate, there were those who were upset because others stated in no uncertain terms that you get to Heaven through Jesus Christ period. So it was back and forth. As I read, I wondered exactly what was being accomplished? I believe in evangelizing but I think there are different ways to do this and certain ways fit certain times. I think when I am asked about how to get to Heaven and then the person wants to debate or call me "it's my way or no way" kind of first response is look, God did not consult me on this. Although I have to say, it makes perfect sense to me. It is in God's Word, that no one will make it to Heaven except through Jesus Christ. Okay, thinking in much simpler terms, you are not going to invite someone into your home that refuses to obey your rules, or refuses to respect you and your just won't,so why would God be any different???? He supplied the Way (Jesus Christ) and gave the directions (His Word) but some say it's not right that He would exclude those who refuse to accept His gift and obey His rules??????? That it should be enough that they are "good" people? To debate the validity of God's Word is a waste of time in as if someone does not choose to believe, all the arguing in the world will not change that person. It's not arguing that bring people to Jesus. It's His Love that bring people to Him. How do you make someone understand that the Bible is so unlike any book ever written. I have read it from cover to cover so many times and by no means call myself an "expert" or "all knowing" about the Bible and it soooooooo amazes me that every time I pick that Book up and read, I get something new out of it. Has it changed? Nope, not one word ever changes. But it can speak to one's heart every time if you allow the Holy Spirit to do so. But how do you explain that to someone who has never experienced it???? You can't. It is something they have to seek and then find. How do you make someone who has never experienced the Love of Christ understand the experience? You can't,not until they seek and find. It's offered to all but not all will accept. It's not until they SEE Christ in us that they will desire to SEEK Him. We, as Christians, are held to a much higher standard than the rest of the world, that is true, we know that.......that is why we must be careful about our behavior. We must be aware that we are always being watched. And when we goof and mess up, we MUST be as public with our remorse as we are with the goof. Humble ourselves for the sake of others as well as ourselves. We are not like the world, that's why the world hates us. But "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son" Go read the rest John 3:16-21. Don't stop at the one verse, read it all.


Blogger mistyforeverlost said...

lol..I finally followed your link to see if you got the counter working and thought I would just post here. Not to debate or argue because I think we all have to find in our hearts what is true, even if the interpetation is different then others who also think theirs is true.


5:04 AM  
Blogger Auntie D said...

OH MY GOSH, NOW I CAN COUNT TWOOOOOOOOOO. Thank you so much for posting to my site!! That was so sweet. No I didn't get the counter because I didn't realize I had to pay for it, silly me. LOL Nawwwwwwww misty, I'm not much of a fighter. I can agree to disagree. Doesn't mean I am changing my mind, any more than you are your's. The only time I ever saw Jesus get "mad" was when he cleaned out the church. He didn't attract people by yelling, debating or any of that. He just told it like it is, you are free to accept or not and that was that. Thank you again for coming to my site. I think you will find me mostly moaning and groaning on things that drive me crazy and that I think are just "common sense" things. Others may not agree and that's okay, as I have said, I love to listen and ponder. My faith is steadfast but everything else is "I'm still pondering". LOL Have a blessed day!!!!!

6:31 AM  

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