Friday, June 30, 2006

Going Too Far

I am watching Fox News at this moment and listening about a fireman who was demoted because he could not speak Spanish. This is in Oregon, United States. The guy had one Spanish speaking worker in his team and because HE, didn't speak Spanish He was demoted. Now people, this is getting crazy. This is getting wayyyyyyyy out of hand. The man who could not speak English, should never have been hired until he learned and understood English well enough to do the job without risk but nooooooooo, it was his supervisor who was demoted because he didn't speak Spanish to accomodate the other guy. Now before you pooh pooh this off, let me tell you again, it is Federal Law that all medical facilities, even those small private practices, at their expense MUST have an interpreter available for ALL foreign languages and every bit of information has to be available in ALL foreign languages especially Spanish. If you don't think this gets my blood boiling, think again. Not only do we allow them to come in illegally but now WE, born and raised in America, must now learn their language to accomodate them. If you don't think that doesn't add to healthcare cost, think again. Not only are they receiving free healthcare, now the healthcare system must put out money to make sure they have someone either on staff or readily available to interpret. And then I hear on tv the same law is spreading to other areas. This whole thing stinks.


Blogger mistyforeverlost said...

They say English is no longer the first language of the world. I tend to agree. I get why we need interpetors (sp?)...but it irks me if that is the ONLY reason he was demoted.

But I don't see how needing interpetors is raising healthcare costs? Confused me there.

4:58 AM  
Blogger mistyforeverlost said...

Wait, I just went back to read to see if I could figure it out. I don't see them needing a spanish interpreter any different then needing a sign language interpretor.

5:00 AM  
Blogger Wadical said...

Actually, in the health care industry, you're required to have both, Misty. It adds to the cost because these interpretors are not free. Many times they are not physically on site but are contacted via a service like "Language Line" (that's what we use in 9-1-1.) They charge....heavily...for their service. They'll provide you an interpretor in any language, but YOU, the client, must pay for it. Trying to recoup those costs from illegals who are probably not going to pay their bill anyway is futile. The costs are eventually passed on to you and me.

6:38 AM  
Blogger Auntie D said...

Yes, wadical explained it well, thank you. Most people do not know that information unless you are in the healthcare field.And as far as the story from this morning, I listened very carefully,the guy was interviewed and there was no other reason mentioned. I can see it being true. Now it may have been the guy refused to learn Spanish but even if that is true, it is not right. And you know what, most deaf people read lips or you can communicate with writing. I'll tell you something else that has bugged me in the past, to have patients come in claiming they don't understand English when they do. I have tricked them before because I suspected it. Now not all, but it has happened. I'm not sure what their reasoning was. And I'm not saying they aren't nice people but it irks me big time that WE must pay and take responsibility for making sure the communication is clear. Okay, coming off my preaching block now.

3:54 PM  
Blogger mistyforeverlost said...

Personally, I think if all American's were afforded health care through the gov't some of these health care issues might be alleviated a bit. It's not just the illegals that create high health care costs..although they do contribute. It's the whole system.

On Monday, I'll post a whole bunch of stuff on the Learning Curve about how I feel because believe it or not...I am pretty much in line with you guys. I just think it is part of a much bigger problem and illegals or speaking a different language are not the breaking issue. It goes way deeper then that.

7:49 AM  
Blogger Auntie D said...

You are correct that it's a much bigger picture than just the illegals and the medical costs is just a small portion of the whole picture of the problem with the illegals. I will be looking forward to seeing your post on Learning Curve Monday and am SURE I will have much to "add". I have been in the healthcare industry for over 30 years now, both as a nurse and Practice Manager and there is a GREAT deal the public has no idea about. I agree that everyone should be able to get healthcare but I PROMISE you, a program ran by the government IS NOT the answer hon. The regulations put on the healthcare system by the government is a BIG portion of the problem now. You would be shocked. I promise you. I will save my comments to add to your's later but if the public only knew. And our quality of care is doing nothing but going downhill. And we are right now, headed for a crisis because of all the government "wisdom" they are forcing on the healthcare system because hon, the medical students are realizing it's not worth the hassles and either going into fields like plastic surgery or specialists because primary care is just wayyyyy TOO much hassles and complicated and the pay sucks compared to the work. Oh gosh, here I go, sorry, I said I would wait. I'll hush.

8:23 AM  
Blogger Wadical said...

In many ways English IS a universal language. Take Aviation, for example. In commercial aviation, the entire planet speaks English. A German plane landing at a German airport with a German pilot talking to a German controller will communicate in English. Why?? Because, somewhere, sometime, somebody realized that universal communication is absolutely necessary in a field that poses such extreme hazards to human life as aviation. Why should firefighting be any different....or construction for that matter? Any field or industry with such a profound potential for death or injury should regulate its communication to be clear, concise, and most importantly, UNIFORM for everyone involved.

This IS my field so I may sound a bit like I'm preaching, but I cannot, for the life of me, see why it is so offensive to require people to speak a common language on a dangerous job. If I were building ships in Finland, I would most definitly be required to speak Finnish. Likewise, if I were a commercial logger in the rainforests of Brazil, they would surely require that I be able to speak and understand Portuguese...for safety's sake. The same is true the world over. America seems to be the only exception to this rule. It seems to be the only place where the fear of offending another replaces common sense.

You're absolutely's not the 'end all answer' to the problems of illegal immigration, rising health care costs or any other issue surrounding the large Hispanic population of the United States but the inability to find gainful employment because they're unable to meet a requirement to speak English, would certainly deter a great deal of them from illegally immigrating to this country.

12:14 PM  
Blogger Auntie D said...

I agree with you completely wadical. And I liked what you said about why on earth is it such a big deal for America to insist on it's citizens speaking English???? And why is it such a big deal to legally proclaim what already is a fact and that is that English is our official language. Good grief! Think of all the billions of dollars that are spent DAILY on making sure foreigners, MOSTLY hispanic, are given SPECIAL attention (instead of responsibility)by burdening our economy with the responsibility of making sure they understand whatever is spoken to them or handed to them to read. America has more rules and regulations than any other country in this world and yet here we are slack. Why?????? Where is the common sense? Why is it okay for a Spanish speaking person to be illegal but an American citizen will serve time in a heartbeat for breaking even the smallest of rules????? When did we start catering to a country that has never done anything but take from us????? I'm sorry, but I do not understand this situation at all and I strongly believe it will break us one way or the other. It's not the whole picture but it certainly has a prominent place. As you said, lazy Americans can take a good deal of the blame but I do not point a finger at any American who wants to better themselves and work thier way up and refuse to "stay" down. What are we going to do when these illegals "catch on" as some Americans (that I am sooo not proud to call them)have and play the system???? It's better to not work at all and live off the system? Do you think it won't happen???? These are people who would rather come here than stay put and make a better way in their own country. They would rather come here, earn money and send it back to Mexico. They get all the benefits of our "system" and work. I found out one of the tricks they use, which I don't understand but I found out first hand, a son will use his father's driver license and id. Like I said, I'm not sure how it works but I saw it first hand. If they can think of all the ways to "fool" our law enforcers, then why can't they at least learn English? I'm rambling. There's just too many angles to this subject and everyone of them upset me.

2:03 PM  

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