Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mothers Who Kill

Someone please explain to me where the sense is in giving a child murderer a life sentence???? Okay, I knowwwwwww........bleeding hearts will say capital punishment is wrong. Let me explain up front, my belief is if a person is a KNOWN danger to society, there should be no question, our government, our law enforcement, our judicial system owes it to us, "the people" to PROTECT us, not the bad guys......usssssssss. The law abiding citizens who work hard daily to keep our country going. Please, I know I'm not going into deep detail here but those with common sense know what I'm saying. If there is no doubt of guilt, and there is no doubt that the guilty will continue to be a danger to society, then THAT is when not only is capital punishment appropriate, it is obligatory. Take Charles Manson for a very good example. That man has continually stated that if he ever got out he would kill again. Laughs in our face about it and the thing is, in prison he still has contact with the outside where he is allowed to poison the minds of others. Is that protecting society???? Now let's talk about these mothers who kill their children. ANY person who would kill their own children, has the ability to continue killing. Most likely children because they are not going to pick on someone who can protect themselves. Don't even start in on me about PMS or postpartum depression because I am a mother who has had both and although even to this day, I have my "moments" when I could kill in my mind, I would NOT be able to actually do the act. Somewhere before I did so, I would stop, perhaps the cries of fear of my child would awaken the mother in me. But to do what some of these mothers have done, honeyyyyyyyy, I just don't care what anyone says........they are dangerous and they should not be put in any position to EVER harm another child. The only sure way of that is capital punishment. I'm not talking about vengeance, I'm talking about protection. I'm not even talking about just punishment, I'm talking protection. Look, Susan Yates is getting another trial. Yes, she's sick mentally but you know what, being sick mentally should not be an excuse for murder. Okay, so maybe she will be okay as long as she takes her medication........sooooooo how is that guaranteed???? How is it guaranteed that she doesn't have any more children???? We've seen that in the past by that Dianne woman who shot her three children and then got pregnant again. I'm sure I could be stirring up a hornet's nest except there is only one or two of you reading these things....LOL. I do wish our judicial system would go back to some "common sense" and protect our society, especially those who can not protect themselves.


Blogger Wadical said...

I'm a simple man, with simple solutions. This to me seems a simple problem.

A tall tree, a short rope...give her the time to repent, show her the way home, witness to her, comfort her, hug her, feed her...then hang her.

12:13 AM  

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