Friday, July 28, 2006

The End to "One of Those Weeks"

I know you all know what I'm talking about. Where the entire week it was one trial after another. Like NOTHING could go right or just simple. Yes, simple, I like that word. Actually it's been that way all month, it's just like it all came together this week and tried it's very best to push me right over the edge.

For instance, I have been trying to get our clinic painted for.......ohhhhhhhh 2 months now? Actually 6 months but it has been 2 months since I actually got the painters hired and THOUGHT the process started. All I have so far is a big mess. Finally today I send the word, if it is not at least half finished by Monday morning I will be turning them over to the Better Business Bureau, suing for what they have cost us and finding someone else to do the job. It's like, if you do not want the job, why bid on it??? Why come in and set up and make a mess and then leave it???

Another 2 months ago example, where I tracked down, negotiated, did everything for new lawncare crew and cleaning crew because the ones that we have now are quite frankly terrible. So I have done all the work, send it over to the proper parties for them to okay, do whatever paperwork is required and officially hire these people. Find out Monday that it just fell through the cracks and nobody on the other end had done a blasted thing. I got a request from my boss to call the new hires and do what the others were suppose to do and try and save the contracts, etc. I did.

My lab person put in her notice back in April that her last day would be July 28. I in turn notified the parties in charge of all that so that we could get on top of it and I would not have any time of none coverage and I would have plenty time for training. Well, you can not post the opening until 30 days prior. Okay, fine. 30 days starts to come around and I call and remind them. Well, time went by and I wasn't getting any applications and I KNEW there was people interested in the position. So I call and ask questions. Finally, on Monday of this week I find out my boss secretary forgot to post the opening. Yeppers. How about those apples!!! So my lab person left today and I haven't had one interview to replace her. Nice, huh?

Last one, I promise. I get a call today. Yeah, Myrtle (name change) calling wanting to discuss some paperwork. I go track down the papers. Okay, here I am, what's up? Myrtle says, well I don't understand this quotation on the bottom of the page that Gertrude (another name change) made. I said, Well, Myrtle, why don't you ask her? She works in your office not mine. Oh? Yes. But Myrtle, while I have you on the phone, let me ask you about something I got today from Winter (another name change)You do remember Winter, she works over there too? Oh good. Okay, she sends me a copy of a blanky form with a sticky note stating I am to copy and use this blanky form instead of the one I've been using. Okay, except when I pulled out the blanky form I've been using, the only difference I see is the form I'm usining is a cleaner copy and it doesn't have three lines (I mean straight lines, just lines, you know _______ ) May I be so bold as to say it appears to me someone doesn't have enough to do or something. Myrtle says, well now, I know you have been having a bad week and if you hadn't you wouldn't think anything of that and just go ahead and use the form Winter wants you to. (My hand is now on my forehead holding my head up and I am biting my tongue so hard I swear I taste blood.) I say......"Yeahhhhhhhh, right......okayyyyyyy I am dumping the folder full of copies of the forms I have been using in trash now and I will make new copies so we can keep Winter happy. You have a great weekend now, okay??? Bye bye."

I made an executive decision at that end my work day while I am still ahead. So I make my rounds to tell everyone bye. I get smiles from all, sweet well wishes, and a hug or two as I go around. I find myself smiling as I walk out the back door thinking.......maybe it wasn't as bad a week as I thought. Then I get home and walk in my door to hear the most beautiful sound in the world....."Hiiiiiiiii Mam-maw!!!!!!!!! You're home!!!!!!!" I get a big kiss and a bigger hug and then I hear "Let's wrestle Mam-maw!!" So Mighty Mam-maw and the Great Wessie fight the greatest match there ever least in the world of pretend ....LOL......and all is well, once again!


Blogger one more patriot said...

That's the one consistent in my life- those kind of days!

John 16:33

"These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world" - Jesus

Can't add to that.

8:33 AM  
Blogger Auntie D said...


8:43 AM  
Blogger Wadical said...

Little dude likes his RASSLIN'!

10:24 AM  
Blogger Auntie D said...

LMBO ohhhhh my word, I am NOT kidding, the wrestling action figures have now completely taken over the living room...if there is one he does not have, I don't want to know. His other Grandmother came over and said something about he needs to put some of those back in his room because it's quite literally taking up half the living room. You walk carefully. I looked into his room at that time and room in there either! Shaking my head, I've tried to tell my children they just shouldn't spoil him so but alassssssss.......hehehehehehe and if you believe that I have some really good land to sale you!!! I can not tell a lie....a LARGE part of Mam-maw's salary lies there on the living room floor.

11:32 AM  

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