Sunday, July 30, 2006

In Danger: Right to Worship

I have been home the past two week-ends and back into my home church family services the last two Sunday mornings. As some of you who have read my past postings know, I have been having some questions and concerns about the large growth and some changes in my church family. I had to literally determine to go the past two Sunday mornings. Just ignore the fleshly impulse to "lay" out. It's so funny but you can do that. I mean, my mind was going 90 to nothing with all kinds of reasons not to go but I never once stop getting ready. Amazing how one can do that kind of thing. And both times I have been soooooooo glad I went.

Does that mean all the questions and concerns are gone. Nope. Today, I think I got a clearer idea of what has been going on though.

Last Sunday, I kept to myself and left as soon as I could....did not want to socialize. (Bad on me) BUT there was a very old friend there I had not seen in like what....10 -15 years. I would have missed saying hello to him and turns out he comes to our church when he's here visiting his family. Also, I enjoyed so much the worship. Worshipping with my brothers and sisters in Christ. There's just something refreshing about it. The message was meaningful and touched me. This Sunday there were other "old" friends from 20 years ago there and it appears they are moving back to the area and they are planning on attending. I stayed and socialized today and it was so neat to speak and talk to people I think the world of.

A young lady approached me. I have known this young lady since she was in high school and she is now a teacher. God had laid her on my heart yesterday out of the blue and she came up to me and said the same thing happened to her. She worked for me for 3 or 4 years while she was in school. I love her dearly. We did some catch up. She will be announcing her engagement in a couple of months and she wanted me to know but she also wanted to talk to me about how she has been so torn because she goes and visits her fiance and his family and attends their church which will most likely be her's and then comes home and it's just so hard to know how she is suppose to feel and she gets so mixed up to where her heart should be. I smiled and said hon, the world is not limited to this building and there is a whole world of us Christians all over the place. Perhaps God is wanting you to realize that you should not limit yourself or Him. You should feel the same love for all your brothers and sisters no matter where they are. She smiled and she said, Well, you know what God told me to give me peace about it? He said, where-ever you are at the time, there is where your heart should be. You love where you are at the moment. You serve where God has you.....where-ever that may be at the moment. I said....AMEN.

The restlessness I have been feeling, I am not feeling it alone. It's not against my church family per sae but I'm beginning to think it is to get me out of my "comfort" zone. To realize that there is going to come the day when there will be no "large" congregations to meet and worship. We will be broken into smaller groups, just trying to survive. BUT because we have received what we are now, in these larger groups, we will be able to do what we must. We will have these memories that we are making now to help us too. And to help us recognize one another.

There seems to be such an urgency to reach our young and the larger the group the more we can teach and strengthen and prepare them. I can not deny that. So perhaps instead of me looking at it all from the "me" aspect, I should be rolling up my sleeves and jumping in to help out.

There is a saying I have always loved and I can not tell you who said it first because I have quoted it for so long I have forgotten but it's something like this: You are either going to be a part of the problem or a part of the solution.

The enemy would love nothing more than have me abandon my RIGHT to worship in a "house of God" with my fellow worshippers because that would make it so much easier for him to steal that RIGHT away. Please ponder on that statement my friends. Please take it to heart.


Blogger one more patriot said...

I have been having that same restlessness you speak of. I have wondered myself why. There are two answers that seem to keep surfacing.

1. He is getting me ready to go "home"!

2. As He is getting me ready, He is giving me the desire to get out of the comfort of the "church", and into the real world were people are dying without Him. Most of them will NEVER come to my church and hear the gospel. They are simply confused and turned off by false religion, and they see no difference in the lives of many so-called Christians.

I agree with you, we are not to stop worshipping together, God tells us that in Hebrews 10:25, especially as His coming gets closer.

But we must get out of the "church" and INTENTIONALLY engage the lost around us. We live in one of the largest, most difficult mission fields on the planet. We now have first generation pagens in OUR country. By that, I mean children that have NEVER heard about Christ living in our neighborhoods.

I have realized that the so-called "lifestyle witness" is about useless in most cases. What good does it do for our neighbors to think we are really nice people if we never tell them about Him and they die and go to hell. Don't misunderstand, I am very against beating people up with the Bible and religion. All that does is push them farther away from the truth. We must intentionally engage them in love as the opportunity presents itself, but we must be actively looking for the opportunity.

Thanks for the post.

6:25 PM  
Blogger Auntie D said...

Amen brother, Amen. We must pray every day, EACH AND EVERY day that God will place us in a position and give us favor to share Christ with those who NEED Him. Not cast pearls before swine but offer a lifesaver to those who are seeking. I do believe though our "lifestyle" can and should be one that opens the door to those who are seeking. It's not just about "being nice", it's so much more. It's about being Christlike and when we live our lives in His Light, just like lifting up His name, we will draw them to Him.

6:44 PM  
Blogger WayneDawg said...

I have found 'The Way of the Master' technique in witnessing very effective. The awesome thing about TWOTM is that its not new (Jesus Himself used it) and its not confrontational. Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron use the Ten Commandments to witness by. They simply start off by asking an individual if they think they are a good person.

From that point on, because almost everyone will say that they believe that they are a good person, Ray and Kirk ask questions related to the Ten Commandments.

Because everyone has broken most if not all the Commandments, the conversation will take a turn towards the reconcilliation that must be made with God because of sin.

If you get a chance, check it out.

Listen to 'Hell's best kept secret' and 'True Conversion'.

6:24 AM  
Blogger WayneDawg said...

BTY Auntie, I have added you to my blogroll. I really enjoy reading your blog!

7:07 AM  
Blogger Auntie D said...

Thank you wayne!!! I am leaving for the weekend but when I get back I will check out that site. I have heard about the Ten Commandments method before but would like to read on it more. And thank you for the compliment. I really enjoy your site also. It's stormin here.....

2:53 PM  

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