Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I sat at my desk today listening to my xm radio which I keep on Fox News (I know, surprise) when what do I hear? Mrs. Yates, the woman who KILLED her five children. MURDERED five babies. She NEVER, NOT ONCE denied the act. There has never been a question that she did indeed commit the horrific act. This woman was found NOT GUILTY today. NOT GUILTY!!!! How can she be NOT GUILTY.........she did it. She admitted it. NEVER denied doing it. Described in detail how she did it. Chased one of them down and dragged him to the tub. Oh yeah, because she was found insane. So insane people have a free ticket to do whatever they please??? From what I heard, they said she could be released by the doctors at the mental institution she is going to. No question about that because they will find her sane as long as she takes her medicine and release her. And who will be accountable for making sure she takes her medicine??? Who will be held accountable if her meds stop working??? Her ex husband, the father of the five children she murdered, he was there, to support her. Saying how kind she was.......ummmmmmmm hard to imagine that when I keep picturing those poor babies.....I mean, the last thing they saw on this earth was their MOTHER'S FACE with her holding them down under water until they died. I mean, can you imagine what that must have been like for those children???????? MOMMY, WHY??? I MIGHT could understand a little if they said, Guilty but not accountable due to insanity or something like that.....but NOT GUILTY???? That's an out and out lie. And if she's insane enough to murder her own children.........five of them.......then she should NEVER be given a chance to hurt ANYONE else. She should NEVER be free again. I don't care if it's prison or mental institution.....but she does not belong on the streets. What, to marry and have more babies??? To go on with her life while her innocent children can not???? I'm sorry if I sound harsh and hard hearted but my heart is hurting for those babies. It was bad enough to be murdered but by your own mother?????? I'm just finding such a hard time with that. From the little bit I heard, something was said that the jury did not know she could be released by their verdict. If that's the case, why didn't they???? I couldn't have heard that right. I just couldn't have. I hope I heard the whole thing wrong.


Blogger mistyforeverlost said...

She did get not-guilty by insanity. Which just means that even though after the fact, she knew what she did was wrong...during the fact..she had no clue. Which I get--you can't know what your doing if your insane. She wasn't on her med's and has had past history of harming herself and not taking care of her children.

The "sentancing" basically states that she is placed in a mental health stability until such time that she is deemed cured. My understanding of it is that she will be up for evaluation every couple of years and doctors will give their opinion and then a judge will decide if she is "cured" enough to leave the hospital.

My personal opinion is that although she has a mind altering disease that caused an instability in her mind that created her need to kill her children...she should never be allowed to leave the hospital. She has proven a few times over that she cannot be trusted to remain on her med's and she has proven a few times over where that will lead.

8:19 PM  
Blogger Wadical said...

I'm far less compassionate. I say kill her. That simple....just kill her. Insanity be damned, just kill her.

2:17 PM  
Blogger Auntie D said...

Every time I see it on tv now my stomach pure turns. I'm sorry but I just do NOT have ANY, NONE, NIL, NOT ONE OUNCE of sympathy or anything close to it for that woman. She ranks right there with Susan Smith and that Dianne woman. The difference is at least Susan and Dianne will never harm another child. We have not heard the last from this Yates woman....nope, I would bet on it if I was a betting woman. That woman is sick alright but you are not going to convince me she did not know killing her children was wrong or will never convince me of that. Not to the point she had to go to....plan it out.....ignore the children's cries.....EVIL is too kind of a word for that person. Insanity in this case is just another word for evil. I have no compassion for people who do harm to children or torment's proven, those kind of people are sick and uncurable and psycho......and dangerous to society.....repeat offenders.....ummmmm so why are we keeping them alive????? Why are we protecting them????

4:29 PM  
Blogger one more patriot said...

I agree with the insanity part. You have to be insane to KILL YOUR OWN KIDS, althought I have threatened a few times.

However, she should never be allowed back into society. She would always be dangerous.

Also, her husband supported the verdict. He said he was glad she would get the help she needed.

As someone who is close to someone else that has had mental problems (although not to the point of violence) I can understand how someone loses the ability to stay and act rational. But that doesn't mean she should'nt be locked up for life.

8:26 AM  
Blogger Auntie D said...

I'm sorry but when it comes to children, I just have a very hard time being sympathic. I have a family member with mental health problems, and another friend who is manic depressive. The family member hears voices, etc. I loveeeeeeeeeee this person. Both persons are unable to control impulses at times. So don't misunderstand me, I am not talking about all mental health patients. Shoot, I might could be classified under that catagory myself at times. Nooooooooo......I'm talking about THAT woman who killed her five children. Who planned it and murdered them. Who had enough reasoning to figure out she had to do it when no one else was home to be able to get away with it. I mean, she had it all figured out. So if she did not know it was wrong, why did she wait until no one was around??? When her children were defenseless??? I just don't know what to think about Mr. Yates. I just don't. Yes, I heard him say she would now get the treatment she needed. I also heard him say she was one of the most kindest, gentle people he has ever known. I'm not saying he should not forgive and move on, it would kill him if he didn't. But most mentally ill persons are a danger to themselves.....or may harm others because they believe others are going to harm them. This woman had no such thoughts....I don't buy it. As I said before, I don't care where, my belief is she should NOT EVER be free!!! Society should be protected from her. So we agree on that patriot. You just have a kinder heart than I do on this one.

9:15 AM  

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