Sunday, August 20, 2006

Baby David

Today was a very special day for myself and my family. This morning my family and I went to visit another church family (where I once attended for many years) because it is where my brother and his family now attend. Today, we had a baby dedication service. My brother's oldest son, now has a son who was born very premature and weighed in at 1 pound. Baby David had the odds completely against him but that did not matter because God was completely for him. So today, we came together as a family to celebrate his dedication service at a grand weight of 10 pounds now. They had put together the most moving clip of before his birth, the birth and the days that followed, right up to today. How awesome.

I held Baby David and just marveled. What a miracle. What a testimony. It's just so awesome.

And I could not help but remember all the babies who weighed his weight at birth when they were aborted. If only those mothers could grasp the reality....Baby David is that reality. I whispered a prayer over Baby David as I held him, under my breathe, Baby David, hon you live for all those who could not. Who were not allowed to.

We all went out to eat together afterwards and it was just the grandest of days. So much joy. Baby David slept and we all rejoiced.

Thank you Lord!!!!


Blogger mysti said...

Oh that is something wonderful to rejoice over! You are right he is a miracle baby.

I have worked with women and young girls in the past who were thinking of having an abortion. I am in the process now even in getting more training on the topic so I can be stronger when helping young girls in need. One of the things that helped these young girls understand exactly what abortion means is to show them a model of a baby at the current weight at the time of their preg. We also found that getting a 3 d sonogram was a wonderful way to share the full reality of the child inside them.

You are right when a young woman or girl actually can see it allows them to comprehend fully that the child is very real, before opting for an abortion.

I am glad you were able to rejoice today!

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