Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I See...........Oh my word!!!

Yes, there was another one of "those" incidents today. Except this guy for SURE wasn't wearing roaches........or anything else for that matter. Yeppers. He shows up at our clinic, stands at the front door, strips down naked and runs across the parking lot to the holding pond where he is "Robin Hood living in the forest".

This time someone else called the law and the officers ended up using the taser on him and Baker Acted him and I don't know what else......."he's another one who refuses to take his meds".

I'm just amazed. One county, just one county over. I live in one county and work in another and you would think I worked in a foreign country. I just don't understand. I'm like, where do these people go??? Where do they live???? WHY DO THEY COME TO THIS CLINIC????? It was the same physician as the Roach Man and I said, Do you see any normal people???? Or maybe I should ask, do any of your patients take their meds????

It's not that I haven't been around the mentally ill or that I don't have sympathy but I am not use to seeing them run around in public unattended as they seem to do in that county that I work. I don't understand. Is there no place for these poor people???? If they are unable to realize they need medication to function in society then shouldn't someone make that decision for them??? Either that or place them in a location so that society is safe. You can not tell me it is better for them to be tasered and toted off in the back of a police car. And you certainly can not tell me that he should be ignored.

When do the rights of the individual outweigh the welfare of the majority????


Blogger Badbeans said...

Here's my take:

It may sound hokey, but with rights come responsibilities. If we do not wish for a nanny state, then we should take care of ourselves and members of our family who cannot take care of themselves.

Unfortunately, we have come to the place where rugged individualism is something that gets a blank stare if mentioned in conversation. People have no idea what it is to depend upon themselves. And they certainly do not think that it is their responsibility to care for their ill relatives.

And then, if there is no one, charitable organizations should step in. But they too have fell into the nanny trap.

If you consistently see these people, we have a problem. But incidents with mentally ill people are going to happen, especially if those caring for them do not have the means to force them to take their medication.

To answer your question, the welfare of the whole trumps the rights of the individual when the individual commits an act or that disregards the rights of other individuals, in my opinion.

2:20 PM  
Blogger mysti said...

Just a quick not asking you how you are feeling? I have been thinking of you and hoping that physically you are much better...


5:55 AM  
Blogger mysti said...

lol *note even.

12:30 PM  
Blogger Auntie D said...

I'm fine mysti, thank you hon. Just been oh so busy trying to make up for time off when I was sick. Thank you for the prayers!!

2:21 PM  

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