Thursday, August 17, 2006

KGB Alive and Well

As y'all know,I have been recovering from stone crusher procedure (I had a large, the size of a small marble I am told, kidney stone) They found it a year ago but at that time I was told just leave it alone. Well, a year later, I am told it has doubled in size and needs to go. I'm thinking okay, what the hay, let's do it. Had one done a few years back, no biggie. The size of the stone makes a difference people. Wish someone had explained that to me. So all week long I have been passing stones. Anyone who has experienced this knows what I am talking about. This has been an ongoing process since the procedure. Passing stones about every 4 hours or so every day. I have been and am miserable. So everyone pat me on the back and feel sorry for me.......thank you very much.

Now the REAL reason for my posting today. I find out (I have been off work, although I did go in for a few hours this morning) about something that has REALLY disturbed me not only as for my job but as a citizen. I work in a very, very poor county. All I hear about is how poor this county is. All I hear about is how in NEED this county is of medical healthcare. I mean I was "volunteered" to be a Board Member of a Health Council Committee for this county and I have heard about all the desperate needs for medical healthcare of this county. And it's true, I'm not denying that. So now you tell me how much sense the following makes to you. If you can explain it to me, go for it.

While I am off sick, (of course if something is going to happen, it will be when I'm off sick wouldn't you know) a man shows up and starts bullying my staff saying he's from some agency and he's there for an inspection. None of my staff know who the heck he is or what he is talking about so they ask him to please wait for them to call management. They politely (witnesses verify this) explained that I was off sick and they needed to talk to someone in management to know what to do. Well, he just got mad and blew his top........HOW DARE THEY QUESTION HIM!!! Meanwhile, my Front Office Supervisor calls me at home and I'm kinda looney on pain pills but trying to make sense of it all......I didn't have any audits on my schedule, couldn't figure out who or what she was talking I tell her to tell him/them to please hold on until we call corp. I call corp and find out it's ACHA and it's a surprise inspection, etc. For those who do not know, they are the people who can close us down in about one second. So my staff, once told, is as co-operative as they can be. Never were they rude at any point. Now also let me explain, the clinic is a mess right now because we are painting and renovating. I am trying to make this clinic nice, just because we work in a poverty county does not mean we have to LOOK like it. Our patients deserve a nice place to come to and I'm working to make it that. Plus my staff deserves a nice place to work. I'm making the most of what we have to accomplish that.

Well, from what I understand this man was not only rude but a bully. He of course wrote us up BIG time for things I am not sure about because I have not received the report but my boss says it's nothing we can't fix, that it read more like somebody who was mad because my staff didn't kiss his feet. He threw his threats around and was just a bully. Now my boss says he wished I had been there because he thinks I could have "handled him with my southern charm"......LOL.......yeah would have been more me loosing my temper because he was rude to my staff.

All this running my mouth to say this, where is he getting off???? This county is understaffed and BEGGING to get healthcare providers in this area and he comes in and threatens to close us up for what?????????? Because we didn't show him the respect he felt he deserved???? These providers could take another year or two in some specialty field and earn probably twice what they are earning now. The very least they could go somewhere more pleasant to work. They work here because they want to help those in need of help. These are good guys......the staff is good guys. We are audited more than any place I know because we accept all the government programs for the poor including those who have no coverage at all.....I mean our every move is watched and documented and questioned again and again....we HAVE to stay on our p's and q's at all times. Because we are owned by a hospital, we HAVE to follow ALL the rules that hospitals have to. So for this guy to come in and treat my staff like they are dirt or criminals or in any way badly is just uncall for. When I found out what all happened, I was livid. How dare he!!!!

I told my boss that if that man's true concern had been the patients, then he would have commendated my staff for not allowing someone they did not have a clear understanding of who he was or what right he had to come in and look at patient's records, etc. I asked if the guy's last name was McKinny. Please explain to me where the sense is in all that???? A county that is begging for help and then our government comes in and only makes it as hard and as impossible as they can for the ones who are working here and covering the shortage as best they can. This kind of thing happens every day. The public has no idea. It's a wonder there is any college students willing to go into medicine today. The students come in and only see a small bit of it because if they saw the whole thing, they would not. We are loosing excellent providers on a daily basis because they are fed up with it all. You have people who do not have a clue about medical care telling the professionals what they can or can not do. You have people who do not have a clue coming into medical facilities "inspecting" them and doing their best to intimidate all those who are working so hard to give medical care to those in need. I was told this guy who came by to inspect was a retired law enforcer who now does this for a living. EXCUSEEEEEEEEEE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

If anyone can explain the sense in any of that, please try to make me understand because for the life of me I can not.


Blogger Badbeans said...

The problem with most people who work in government is that they believe that entitlement to rights come from the government. Since their job is a part of the government, they believe that their mission, job, and even their own being is of utmost importance.

My mother-in-law used to work for the county health department here. Her response to almost any issue, particularly concerning children, was "someone should just report them." She threatened to report her own father if he did not start taking care of himself. Although her intentions were sincere and out of concern, my response to her was always "report them to who?"

I understand the need for taking custody of children or invalids who are not properly being cared for by their family (i.e. abused, starved, etc.), but I balk at any suggestion that the government should have oversight and authority on every aspect of everyone's life.

Those employed by the government work for the people. They should have respect for the people and their privacy. Unfortunately, not everyone in government thinks this way.

5:41 AM  
Blogger mysti said...

It sounds like this fellow would have been rude even if you had been there. He certainly needs an ego adjustment that is for sure. Maybe the people who are above him will take one look at that report and recognize it for what it was, a fellow with anger issues. We can always pray.

I am so sorry you have been in so much pain. Praying that you will feel much better soon. I know all about pain, and it weighs a person down physically as well as emotionally.

(((Aunt D)))

7:41 AM  
Blogger Auntie D said...

You are both correct.

I think my biggest problem is don't come begging for help and then when someone answers the call turn on them and try to crucify them. To walk in a place with the attitude of "assuming the worse" is just wrong.

I would be the first to stand against any kind of abuse or fraud and I beleive we all have to have accountability but don't go to the extremes that it has been taken.

It's just like the IRS, another sore subject for me. HOW DARE THEY ACT LIKE GODS!!! How dare that they can strike the fear they do in innocent citizens who work and pay taxes and have to be scared to death that perhaps they made a mistake which will cost them dearly.

This man will be back for the re-inspection and I will be ready for him. Let's hope I still have a job when it's over.

9:34 AM  
Blogger Hope said...

I've dealt with alot of liencing inspectors and bureaucrates. I have a technique to charm them, while hustling there sorry butts out of there quickly.. they can make your life miserable and they know it. I can kiss butt when required. I just use alot of mouthwash afterwards.
Hope you feel better.

5:49 PM  

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